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Revisiting This Space After A Sabbatical

Almost a year since I got off my blogging on this space of mine. I might have attempted some random update to clear pics from my cell phone without putting my heart and soul into it.

Almost a year since I went through some personal trauma which affected my sensibilities and I felt beyond repair and forgiveness.

Instagram came into my life as well and the experiences I shared there and the videos I took, the recipes I shared, a few lightning/casual travels were my soothing balm. Hiding behind the screen of a phone was the space I started indulging in more. I have healed from the happenings of last year but it was an eye opener to life and relationships and the people I had trusted and taken for granted.

And what has this experience taught me...To stay on guard and keep away from humans who just aren't your wave length or your class...

A year of healing and a great deal of introspection has helped me garner my strength to come back to this space and start sharing my recipes and st…

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